About Josh Lofy

It’s time to get joshing with physics!  Whether it’s kinematics questions for your high school classroom or one dimensional analysis of an infinite chain of masses (m) connected by springs with spring constant (k), I can help you explore some of the things that I have found to be the most interesting about a wide array of physics subjects.

Asking questions and inspiring curious thought in others is something that I find very personally fulfilling.  Feel free to send me your questions and I’ll be sure to tag you in anything I end up answering!

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Bachelor of science in physics with a minor in mathematics: California State University, Bakersfield. 2017

Associate of arts in liberal arts with an emphasis in the sciences and mathematics: Sacramento City College. 2013


Zhyrair Gevorkian, Vladimir Gasparian, Josh Lofy (2017).  Time Dependent Faraday Rotation. Laser Physics, Volume 28, Number 1 (link to article)

Josh Lofy, Vladimir Gasparian, Zhyrair Gevorkian (rough draft on arXiv).  Complex Faraday and Kerr Rotations in Right and Left Handed Films.  eprint arXiv:1612.04497 (link to article)

Vladimir Gasparian, Zhyrair Gevorkian, & Josh Lofy (2015).  Faraday Rotation in Thin Metamaterial Films.  Semiconductor Micro- and Nanoelectronics: Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference, Yerevan, Armenia (p. 91-93).